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Tips For Increasing Country Club Memberships

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If you are the owner of a golf and country club, then you know that maximizing your sales is a key element of your company's success. Unfortunately, you may feel as though your memberships have become stagnant with little to no new member growth. If you are looking for ways to expand your customer base and increase your members, there are some things that you can consider. Here's a look at a few of the things that you should know. 

Consider Subscription Services

Especially in times of economic challenges, annual membership fees can be out of reach for some people, especially when those annual fees are significant. If you typically charge your fees on an annual basis, you might want to consider offering a monthly subscription alternative. That way, those who cannot afford the annual rate still have an option to become members. Offer more limited services for the monthly subscriptions and allow them to cancel at any time for the best chances of increasing your customer base.

Weekend Solutions

Another great way to reach potential members is through weekend membership solutions. Many would-be members don't invest because they wouldn't be able to use the membership during the week. This often leads to feelings that they are wasting their money if they pay for full-time membership. If, on the other hand, you offer weekend solutions, they can pay for weekends at a reduced rate. They may be more likely to do this, giving you the chance at greater sales opportunities. 

Community Memberships

Sometimes, a golf course or country club membership would be more attractive to would-be members if you offered options for socialization and community without the cost associated with the golf course. These community memberships would provide access to things like pools, clubhouses, and gyms at a reduced rate for members who don't wish to play golf but still want to socialize.

Partner Club Memberships

If there are several golf or country clubs in your area, you might consider developing a partnership program where, for an additional fee, members get access to all of the clubs for the duration of their membership. Programs like this are often more likely to attract subscribers, which will help increase your revenues.

These are just a few of the membership ideas to consider when you're trying to increase your membership base at your country club and golf course. Think about these points and check out the offerings at some other nearby clubs to see what may help your country club thrive.

For more information about private country club membership, contact a local company.