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3 Signs You Need Residential Water Well Pump Repair Services

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Residential water well pumps make it easier for homeowners to enjoy a constant water supply instead of fetching water using buckets. However, water well pumps can incur several issues that inhibit their functionality or cause them to break down. 

Your water well pump breaking down or malfunctioning is an inconvenience. Thus, as soon as your water pump develops signs of a malfunction, you should seek residential water well pump repairs before it breaks down. 

Here are three common signs that indicate your water well pump needs repair services. 

1. Low Water Pressure

A properly functioning well water pump should supply water at a fixed pressure rate to your house. The water coming out of your faucets and showers should have constant pressure. If you notice that your water pressure is reducing, it could be that your water well pump has an issue. 

Common reasons why a well water pump provides water at low pressure include: 

  • Clogged filters restricting the flow of water
  • Leaks in the pressure tank that reducing the overall water pressure

Thus, when you notice reduced water pressure in your house, you should schedule residential water well pump repair services to fix the issue. 

2. Banging or Rattling Noises From the Pump

It is common for a water well pump to produce a humming sound while running. But, if you hear banging or rattling sounds from your water well pump, it is a reason for concern. 

In most cases, a banging or rattling sound indicates a loose component inside the pump. Hence, the noises result from the loose component tossing around the pump. Neglecting the noises is ill-advised because the loose piece could strike other components in the pump and damage them. 

Thus, when you notice any strange noises coming from your pump, schedule a residential water well pump service immediately. 

3. Over Cycling 

Water well pumps have a safety feature that shuts them down when they overheat. The safety feature turns off the pump when temperatures exceed the recommended limit to allow it to cool down. After the internal temperatures cool down, the pump's safety feature turns it back on. Thus, the safety feature ensures your pump doesn't incur damages due to overheating. 

Over cycling refers to your water well pump turning on and off repeatedly. When your water well pumps start to over cycle, it is clear that the pump is frequently overheating. Thus, the internal temperatures of the pumps are rising too quickly. 

In most cases, the overheating is due to reduced coolant levels or contaminated coolant. However, if you refill the coolant but the pump keeps over cycling, then you need to schedule residential water well repair services.