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How Your Picture Frame Cost Is Calculated

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Picture frames are so varied and interesting that calculating how much it will cost to frame one picture will differ widely from how much it will cost to frame a second picture. Still, you can gradually build up an idea of just how much framing will cost you if you look at what's going to go into the project. As with most art services, the scope of the project and the skill involved will have major impacts on how much you pay.

Custom or Premade

First, are you looking for a custom frame, or will you be happy to get a premade frame? Premade frames are going to be cheaper than similar custom-made frames because, while making the premade frames still requires skill during the manufacturing process, the framing service itself won't have to do much to create the frame. A custom frame, however, will require more measuring, cutting, material purchases, and more. Custom frames will take more time and effort. They can be well worth that effort and be beautiful, but you will likely pay more for them. You can ask the framing service how much the premade frame kits are and how much customizing would run as a start for your price comparison.

Mounting and Matting

Another issue is mounting and matting, or adhering the picture to a backing and creating the interior framing that sits between the picture's edges and the frame. When you look at a framed painting or framed poster, you'll see that the picture usually doesn't run all the way to the edge of the frame; there's often a border to the picture that separates the two. If you want that added, and if you want the framing service to put the picture on a backing board (which is advisable; picture frames for paintings and posters are much different from picture frames for small photographs, where the backing may not require that the pictures be stuck to it with adhesive), that will add to the cost, and the framing service can tell you what those services tend to cost.

Size and Speed

Larger pictures and paintings will take longer to frame than smaller pictures and paintings, assuming you're comparing similar processes, and thus larger pictures will cost more due to increased labor time. If you have a rush job, that could cost more, too, as the framing service would have to clear its schedule to accommodate you.

Figure out what you want to get as a final product and present that list to the framing service so the staff can calculate your final cost. If the price is too high for your budget, you can ask about cheaper materials or look at options like premade frames instead of the customization you preferred. You have choices no matter what your budget may be.

Reach out to a picture framing service today to learn more.