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The Two Most Important Reasons Why You Should Switch To Electronic Shelf Labels

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Considering electronic shelf labels for your store, but still not sure you want to make an investment into such a big change? Paper shelf labels are easy to customize, but when you have to place them all over a large store week after week, that can become a drag, even if you and your crew have it down to a science. Electronic shelf labels make transitioning between sales and non-sale times very easy, and the time savings may be enough to convince you to switch. Two other reasons stand out, however, in favor of using electronic shelf labels.

That Awkward Moment Between Sale Periods

When you switch between sale periods using paper signs, there's an awkward moment when you have to put a new sign on something that might not go on sale until the next day, or when something that is no longer on sale still has a sale sign up. Unless you have a crew of workers changing all the signs overnight when no customers are in the store, that can lead to confusion. The shorter transition time between price changes with electronic labels reduces that confusion and reduces the chances of an angry customer wondering why the price at the register might not match a price on the shelf.

That Awkward Pile of Old Sale Signs

Sometimes you get lucky and have recurring sales, so you get to reuse sale signs, maybe with some corrective fluid over the old dates and the new dates written in. But more often than not, sales don't repeat that often, or if they do, they have different prices or terms. What may be a 20 percent off deal one month could be buy one, get one free the next month. Instead of creating a complex filing system for sale signs, your staff may just toss old signs in the recycling bin.

With electronic shelf labels, you no longer have to deal with piles of old sale labels, nor do you have to spend time each week redoing those labels. The same label sits on the shelf, but the price changes electronically, along with the description of the item if you decide to move items to another shelf. Change is simple and done in a short time through software.

A number of different label systems have been in use, so you'll get a chance to see what might fit your store's sales schedules the best. Once everything is in place, you should see benefits almost immediately.