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How To Take Your Beer To The Next Level

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If you're a beer enthusiast, you've likely tried all the great varieties of this beverage. From red ales to lagers, the world of beer is varied and delicious. However, there are a few things you can do at home to make your next beer even better. Here are four tips to take your beer to the next level:

1. Serve beer in chilled glasses.

Drinking your beer straight from the bottle might be faster and easier, but it creates an inferior experience. Your sense of smell affects the way you perceive taste, and you can't experience your beer's aroma when it's sitting in a can or bottle. Take the time to pour your beer into chilled glasses before serving it. The act of pouring will also create some foam on top of your beer, which most people find highly enjoyable.

2. Pair your beer with the right food.

If you like to have a beer with your dinner at night, the type of beer you select can make a big impact on your overall experience. Certain beers pair better with different foods than others. If you're eating a heavy steak dinner, for instance, you should choose a rich, dark beer like a porter or stout. Lighter fare such as fish will pair well with pale ales or unfiltered wheat beers.  

3. Invest in a keg.

People who drink beer frequently may want a more efficient way to enjoy their beer. You can have beer on tap in your house by investing in a keg, a small metal barrel which will keep your beer carbonated. A keg can help you generate less waste since you won't constantly be throwing out bottles or cans. If you do invest in a keg, you'll need to purchase a ball and lock growler cap that will allow you to dispense beer at the correct pressure. Find a cap that's made from stainless steel and be very careful when fitting it onto your keg, since the high pressure inside the keg can cause injury if you're careless.

4. Store your beer in a cool, dark place.

Beer that isn't going to be consumed immediately doesn't need to stay in the refrigerator, but you should still make sure you store it properly. High temperatures and light can degrade the quality of your beer. Store it in a cool environment away from direct sunlight. The basement is usually a good bet if you have one.