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3 Reasons To Use Aerial Photography To Market A Residential Property That Is For Sale

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Technology and the internet have drastically changed how real estate professionals market properties that are for sale. Today, many potential buyers go online to find homes that they are interested in potentially buying, so it is essential for real estate agents to harness all available methods to make an online listing stand out. One new method that is becoming increasing popular to help sell residential property is the use of aerial photography. There are a number of companies that specialize in aerial imagery acquisition, and some of these companies work solely with real estate professionals. Some of the top reasons to include aerial photography in your property marketing plan include:

Supply a New Perspective

Most people are very familiar with standard real estate listing photos that show each room in a home as well as outdoor spaces. However, aerial photography provides potential buyers with a whole new perspective which can influence their buying choices. When you employ aerial photography in your online listings, buyers will have a much better idea of the layout of a lot, how large the backyard actually is, and how close neighbors are. These may seem like small things, but they can make a big difference when buyers are looking through multiple listings and trying to decide which ones they want to actually review.


Reputable and experienced real estate agents are always looking for new ways to market properties and make them stand out among similar homes. Aerial photography is a very cost-effective way to differentiate your listings from other homes for sale in the area. The use of aerial imagery acquisition is relatively new for standard residential real estate listings, so when buyers see aerial photos and videos, they tend to pay attention. The cost of hiring an aerial imagery acquisition service to take photos and videos of a property is quite small when you compare it to how much it can help bring attention to a property. 

Show the Surrounding Area

Prospective buyers are purchasing a single family home, but they also want to live in a nice area with nearby amenities. When you use an aerial imagery acquisition service to create a video, you can do more than just show aerial views on the property. You can also highlight the proximity of a property's location to parks, shopping, and other amenities that buyers are looking for. An aerial imagery video can be especially helpful if you want to show how close a property is located to the beach, a lake, or other desired landmark.