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Should You Carry Natural Herpes Relief Medicine In Your Health Store?

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You want to provide the best in natural healthcare to your clients. You have customers who make requests for you to carry certain items for a variety of maladies they don't want to use harsh chemicals for, including STD treatments. You stay discreet and courteous in these requests, often carrying more intimate care items in your store for select customers.

You are thinking of adding a natural relief aide for herpes, both the cold sore and genital variety, to help your customers continue their journey in remaining free of mainstream medicine and more focused on natural care. The thing is, you don't know if you should carry this type of product in your store or not. You don't want to have a natural care product clash with your other offerings, but you want to carry a complete line of natural care at the same time. Should you carry natural relief for herpes in your health store? Here is a guide to help you decide if this product is best for your store.

You have had success with similar products in the past

There are many natural products that are available for a variety of maladies including herpes, genital warts, rashes, crabs, and even yeast infections or thrush. You have carried these types of products in the past without any issue and have seen them get sold relatively quickly. Try purchasing one brand of herpes relief cream or gel and see how it sells, then add more products if demand seems to call for it.

You have a discreet place to shelve your items

When customers come in looking for relief for a very intimate condition, they hope to be able to grab what they need in as discreet a manner as possible. If you have a back shelf area or a cabinet where you can keep natural relief for herpes in your store, then consider carrying the item for customers to use. You can carry essential oils like basil for treating current conditions or carry actual ointments and tinctures that are supposed to help with easing symptoms or lessening outbreaks.

Your job as a health store owner is to provide the products that your customers want. If you believe natural herpes medicine will be a good product for your health care line, then consider adding it temporarily to see how it pans out. You can adjust your inventory as needed as the product sells.