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Correcting A Couple Of Walk In Bathtub Myths

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Individuals will often find that they need to make changes to their homes in order to be able to comfortably and safely live in the house. For those that suffer from mobility issues, using the bathtub can be particularly difficult and dangerous. As a result, these individuals may need to consider making changes to reduce these hazards. However, there is misinformation about walk in bathtubs that can prevent you from being able to effectively weigh the option of making this change to the home.

Myth: There Are No Important Benefits Of Installing A Walk In Bathtub

Installing a walk in bathtub can be a major change to make to your home. In addition to the costs of purchasing the walk in bathtub, you will need to pay to have it installed. Due to these issues, some individuals will assume that these bathtubs will not provide them with enough benefits to make this hassle worth pursuing. Yet, wide walk in bathtubs can provide individuals with mobility issues some important advantages. For example, these tubs will be extremely easy for individuals to enter and exit the tube, which can reduce the risk of tripping. Some people will assume that installing one of these tubs will reduce the value of their homes. However, it can actually increase demand for the house as walk in bathtubs are not commonly found in homes, but there are many older and disabled individuals that could benefit from one.

Myth: Your Bathroom Will Have To Undergo Major Structural Changes To Accommodate The Walk In Bathtub

The installation of a walk in bathtub may seem like it w ll require major work and structural modifications to your bathroom. However, it is often possible to install one of these bathtubs without needing to make drastic changes to the bathroom. For example, it may be possible to choose a walk in bathtub that is shaped in a way that will allow it to easily fit into this area of your home. Depending on the design of your bathroom, this may not be possible. In these instances, it may be necessary to adjust a wall, but this is not always needed. For those living in older homes, it may be necessary to reinforce the supports that hold up the floor, but this is typically a fairly minor change that can be done quickly and affordably. Only an experienced contractor will be able to ascertain the modifications that your bathroom will need to accommodate a large walk in tub.