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How To Recognize And Differentiate Great Employees From Outstanding Employees

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Many companies have monthly employee awards. It is one way to bolster the productivity levels. Yet, what do you do when you have great employees, and then, all of a sudden, you have a truly outstanding employee? How can you recognize and differentiate this employee from all of the rest who have received a monthly reward? Here are some ideas that can help:

Your Wall of Great Employees

The wall of plaques that honor great employees is great for them, but it does nothing for the one employee who recently went above, beyond, and farther than any other employee. Okay, so maybe a wall for outstanding employees is long overdue. Yet, there has to be something more to recognize the efforts of the outstanding employee.

Promotions and Bonuses

If at all possible, you could honor this one employee by giving him/her a promotion and/or bonus. If he or she saved everyone in a burning building by helping everyone get outside, that requires something extraordinary. A promotion can only happen when the position comes up, or if it is created by the company just for this one employee. Yet, a large monetary bonus is something that really honors the employee by giving him/her something immediate and tangible. You will have to discuss with HR and your company accountants just how much money shows your gratitude.

A Private Office or Cubicle

Who does not want a private office or cubicle? They are quiet, you can shut the door, you do not have to engage in conversation with your neighbor, and they are status symbols in an office where upward mobility to the private office is the big goal. Maybe the way you want to recognize this outstanding employee is by giving him/her a private office or private cubicle a lot sooner than he/she expected in his/her career.

A Big Office Party

So, if this employee did something truly amazing and courageous, maybe a big office party is in order. A catered banquet after hours, a big party on the company yacht, etc., is maybe exactly the thing to show your great employees what they have to do to become outstanding employees. Not only does everyone get to have a bit of fun, but the best of the best find out what it takes to become the very best of the best and strive toward that goal once they are acquainted with this outstanding employee's example.

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