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Renting The Right Air Compressor

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Many of the industrial and manufacturing tasks that take place each day require the use of an air compressor. If you are working on a temporary project that utilizes compressed air, then air compressor rentals may help you access the equipment you need at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new compressor.

Here are three tips that you can keep in mind to ensure you rent the right air compressor to meet your needs:

1. Check your rented air compressor's filter.

Since air compressors draw in air from the surrounding environment through a filter, it's important that the filter on a compressor be changed regularly to ensure proper performance.

Rented compressors may or may not receive adequate maintenance, so it's important that you take the time to check the cleanliness of the air filter before you begin using your rented piece of machinery. Requesting a new filter before you rent your compressor will help you avoid potential damage (and the associated costs) caused by a clogged filter.

2. Make sure your rented compressor comes with the right attachments.

Before you invest in renting an air compressor, you need to carefully determine what types of tools you plan to connect to your compressor. Having this knowledge will help you rent a compressor that is equipped with the right accessories to meet your needs.

Look for a compressor that offers access to flexible hoses, stainless steel valves, and pneumatic connectors that will help ensure you can connect your tools to your rented compressor with ease.

3. Take action to prevent oil contamination.

If your project could be ruined by even a small amount of oil, then it's essential you rent an air compressor that will not pose an oil contamination risk while you are working. Oil-free compressors are designed to run without the use of oil to lubricate their moving parts.

These compressors are ideal for applications where contamination must be avoided at all costs. If oil contamination isn't an issue, then you can rent an air compressor that is equipped with a series of filters that will help to keep oil moving throughout the compressor without a problem.

Renting an air compressor can be a significant responsibility. If you invest in the wrong type of compressor, you will struggle to properly complete your project. Be sure that you carefully evaluate the condition of your compressor's filter, that you check for the proper attachments, and that you rent an oil-free compressor if needed to avoid contamination.