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Striking Colorful Contracts With A New Painting Franchise

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Opening a franchise of any kind is a golden opportunity to get a business off the ground with more help than usual. While most entrepreneurs who open their own business tend to have to strike it out alone, those who open a franchise have a home company to consult with. For painters who are interested in securing contracts, a paint company franchise may be the ticket to a trustworthy business name. The next step to becoming successful is gaining long-term contracts. To score golden contracts, there are a few steps that you should follow. 

Approach management companies

Although you can get constant work from homeowners, it is a good idea to approach management companies for their painting needs to gain long-term contacts. Management companies that have homes and apartments that must be painted on a regular basis will have more work. You can get a contract to be their primary painter and collect a certain monthly retainer to perform any of their necessary work. A monthly retainer can greatly increase your bottom line, especially with simple apartment paint jobs and exterior maintenance. 

Check with schools before the summer

Often if schools need major overhauls, they will perform this work during the summer. Both structural maintenance and interior touchups will be performed when there are no children in the hallways. During the fall months before winter break and during the early spring before summer vacation, check with the schools in your city to determine if they need any major painting done. A painting contract with an educational institution can keep you and your workers busy for some time. 

Offer to mix custom colors

In order to stand out as a painter, you will need to think outside of the box with services. As a paint contractor, you should also learn how to mix colors in order to make custom shades. If there are eclectic to upscale businesses in your area, they may be interested in designating their own special paint design and custom color. Being able to mix colors and paint designs will set you apart from other businesses that come to paint with one shade that comes in a regular swatch pattern. Other services that you may offer in order to boost your customer basis is wallpaper application, custom wall sticker applications, and painting of glass and windows for customers with brick and mortar companies. Branching into different types of design will aid you in securing contracts for your paint franchise. 

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