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Worried About A Possible Furnace Failure? Lifespan-Extending Tips Every Furnace Owner Should Know

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Concerns about an aging furnace system can make the coming winter feel even longer and colder. This is especially true for families who are already dealing with tight budgets that could be shattered by an expensive emergency repair bill in the middle of the heating season. If you have found yourself in this precarious financial position this year and want to avoid an expensive furnace upgrade, the following tips just might help you extend the lifespan of your existing furnace and prevent it from failing unexpectedly:

Keep it clean

Dirt is an enemy of most machines and this is especially true for heating and cooling components, like your furnace. Individual particles of dust have sharp edges that can be very wearing on moving parts. In addition, dust and dirt can form a heavy residue on moving parts, such as furnace fans that forces them to work harder and wear out faster. To keep an aging furnace running a little longer, homeowners should take time to thoroughly clean furnace component parts and surfaces, change the filter more often, and keep the area where the furnace is housed clean and free of dust.

Reduce the workload

Another way to extend the lifespan of an older furnace is to reduce its workload as much as possible. This includes sealing drafts in the home where cold air can enter or heated air can leak out, as well as installing storm windows and making sure that all vents and cold air intakes are free of clogs from dust and dirt. In addition, getting the family used to a lower indoor temperature will also help to take some of the load off a furnace by making it start up less often.

Choose preventative maintenance

One of the very best ways to forestall an expensive furnace replacement or emergency repair bill is to opt for preventative maintenance before the heating season begins. Your local furnace installation services specialist can examine your system for potential issues and make necessary adjustments to improve efficiency and reduce wear on moving parts.

In addition, they may also offer installment plans or other options that will help make budgeting for needed home furnace repairs or upgrades as economical as possible. Since many furnace manufacturer's phase out older models at year end, your furnace installation service professional may be able to offer discounted prices on current models in order to make room in their showroom for the new 2018 furnaces.

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