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Networking For Physical Therapists: Where To Go To Find Open Jobs

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Job-hunting for professionals is always a nightmare. Combing through classifieds and job boards day after day just wears you down. When you have a particular skill set and education to match, you have to network. If you are a physical therapist looking for physical therapist jobs, here is where you can go to network.


Networking for medical professionals is often the topic for a monthly meeting at many hospitals. When hospitals exchange meeting space to host a networking meeting for the opportunity to recruit new hires, everybody wins. You find out about open physical therapist positions, and the hospital finds out that you are a therapist looking for a job. You can choose to apply for the job, or wait until something else comes up (e.g., a full-time position rather than a part-time position).


School districts often hire physical therapists to work with special needs kids or high school athletes. Teacher inservice classes gather teachers together on a single day off, either monthly or quarterly. Since you have to keep up with your continuing education credits anyway, why not take an inservice class with teachers? You may just overhear a tasty tidbit about an open PT appointment in the district for which you can apply.

Chiropractic Clinics

Physical therapists often work in chiropractic clinics. They provide extra physical care and prevention exercises to support the work that the chiropractors are already doing. Often, the chiropractors are looking to hire a physical therapist to gain a broader client/patient base for their clinics. Check with all of the local chiropractors in your area. If they do not have a physical therapist working for or with them, do some self-promotion and sell the benefits of having a PT in their offices. You may just scrounge up some job leads and interviews in the process.


Gyms are always looking to beef up the services they provide clients. Many weightlifters tend to get injured, as do runners, when they are working out. Having an in-house PT helps all of the gym visitors quickly recuperate and return to their workout routines.

Hob-nob with gym employees and see if you cannot catch wind of an opportunity to work in a gym. Who knows? You might even cross paths with a doctor, chiropractor, superintendent, principal, or teacher that knows that they or their employers are looking to hire a physical therapist. That may lead to a better job.