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How Can You Help Your Parent Age At Home?

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When your parent is no longer able to be safely independent at home, you must decide between finding ways to help him or her stay at home or moving him or her into a nursing home. Although living in a nursing home is an option many people choose, helping your parent to age in place is likely preferable to him or her. Fortunately, there are several ways you can ensure your parent's safety and avoid a move.

Hire a Pick-Up Service

One of the biggest challenges your aging parent might face is taking care of errands outside of the home. Picking up medication, grocery shopping, dropping off dry cleaning, and other tasks can sometimes be overwhelming and leave your parent unable to complete other daily living tasks.

You can make your parent's life easier by hiring a pick-up service. A worker can act as a personal assistant who can perform those tasks outside of the home that your parent needs done. You can even have food dropped off for him or her.

Use Technology

Technology can make your parent's easier and give you and your family reassurance that is needed that he or she is doing well. There are applications and electronic devices that your parent can use to take care of himself or herself and stay in touch with family.

For instance, you can teach your parent how to use video chats to communicate with family. Regular interactions with loved ones will help with your parent's emotional well-being, which has a direct impact on his or her physical health. You can show your parent how to pay bills online and how to order so that he or she can get those items that are not locally available.

Modify Your Parent's Home

Making your parent's home more accessible can increase the likelihood that he or she will get to age at home. The modifications might have to be updated as your parent ages. To determine which modifications your parent needs, assess his or her current condition and find out what areas of the home create problems for him or her.

For instance, if your parent is having trouble with getting in and out of the bathtub, adding a walk-in tub can help with this problem. Even the addition of grab bars can make a difference.

Helping your parent to age in place will not only be good for him or her, but it can be emotionally beneficial to the entire family. For more information, contact a local senior assistance service.